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FBI New York Citizens Academy Alumni Association


The FBI Explorer’s program provides an excellent opportunity for students between the ages of 15 through 17 interested in learning about careers in law enforcement within and beyond the FBI. Applicants chosen for the program actively engage with FBI agents and leaders in the Bureau to learn about case studies, crime prevention, evidence gathering, and investigative techniques related to criminal activity. While generally unknown outside of law enforcement insiders, the FBI Explorers allows students to delve deeply into levels of law enforcement unavailable to them in a general classroom setting.

Graduates of the FBI Explorer’s program emerge with a greater understanding of how the FBI interacts with local law enforcement agencies, how neighborhood watch organizations learn about crime prevention, and what they can do to help persons in their own communities understand crime prevention. In addition, hands-on instruction by FBI experts and other law-enforcement agents allows students to understand the importance of communication between national and local agencies.

FBI Explorers engage in group activities ranging from small group exercises to extended camping trips with other explorers and participate in the law enforcement summer academy. Participation is free to the applicants chosen, and volunteer organizations provide supplies for the events. As a result, students learn valuable life skills and increase their knowledge and understanding of how law enforcement agencies interact around the country.

During feedback sessions, many FBI Explorers graduates say they intend to put their experiences and a newfound appreciation for law enforcement agencies to good use going forward. So, if you know of a student expressing an interest in a career in any aspect of law enforcement, tell them about the FBI Explorer’s program. It may be the first step on their career ladder and the incentive they need to succeed.

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